How to Correct the Sentence

When most people write, they tend to forget one very important part of writing – the proper word order and sentence structure. This essential rule of writing is one of the most important due to the effect they have on how sentences portray a message, being correctly or mistakenly, depending on the proper word order and sentence structure used.The best way to correct the sentence that has a word order problem, is to grammar check sentences, looking for little mistakes in the way it was written. However, as soon as you find them, you will realize how improper they make the sentence look and how incorrectly they make a message look.But in order to help you find more problems when you correct grammar sentences, you can use a Free Online English Grammar Check and Correction service for free, making your written messages or text be easier to understand and send a more effective message.

Why Is It important to Learn the Proper Word Order?

In English, the word order and sentence structure rules are of utmost importance, mainly because subject and objects of a sentence have the same form, creating some kind of misunderstanding in many different sentences when his order is not used correctly.

Word order in simple form with subject and object

The subject, for example, is the one who does the action, the person, object or animal that does something or is immersed in the action directly, coming before the verb in almost all cases. On the other hand, the object always comes after the verb and it is the one part of the sentence that gets affected by the action, and just as the subject, it may have the same form.

The example of simple word order [Subject – Verb – Object]:

Susan kisses Bob

As you see, “Susan” is the Subject and “Bob” is the Object. Susan does the action of kissing, thus, she is the one that goes before the verb. Then, we have Bob, which is the object, because he receives the kisses, he is the one affected by the action and makes him the object, going after the verb.

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Word order in simple form with subject but not object

This form is even simpler than the last one. When you want to make an action, “You do something”, it means that there’s no object because you are just doing something and no person or object gets affected by it. Some students tend to forget this, and thus make really awful mistakes, especially because they forget the correct verb form.

The example of simple word order [Subject – Verb]:

George runs

As you see, George is the Subject and “runs” is the Verb where it is easy to know that George is making an action without having to affect anyone or anything, making him the Subject without an Object.

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Essentials of Proper Word Order and Sentence Use

If you want to know about how to use perfect word order and sentence structure you first need to understand how Transitivity works. When you know this, you will be improving texts and the way you write, making great sentences and avoiding word order problems that can make awful effects on readers.

When we talk about Transitivity, we talk about how verbs can mean that something goes before or after it. There are verbs that can be totally alone without even a subject, these are called “Intransitive Verbs” and there are verbs that need both a subject and an object in order to make sense, these are called “Transitive Verbs”, and if you know how to use them properly you will have no errors when writing, at all.

The Example:

Transitive Verb: Joseph wants a house

Intransitive Verb: Joseph runs

As you can see, both verbs are written the same way but want immediately needs an object, as the verb means that there’s something else there that the subject is referring to. On the other hand, runs refers to an action the subject makes without having to affect anything or anyone, working as just an action and nothing more, without any transitivity.

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There are actually many other different ways of using word order and sentence structure that are even more difficult than this. If you want to know more about them, you can use our free online English grammar check and correction website and look for the different ways of using this.

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